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aerosmith, afi, aloe plants, art, astrology, batman, bawls, beastie boys, bob, bracelets, brand new, bread, camels, candles, cats, chameleons, cherry blossoms, chocolate, chokers, coheed and cambria, coke, coldplay, colours, comedy, communities, concerts, constellations, converse, cookies, cool people, cool socks, cool stuff, couches, crayons, dancing fans, day-dreaming, dcc, ddr, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreaming, edward scissor hands, emo-ness, expressive fashion, foo fighters, food, food fights, foreign languages, forests, french fries, french vanilla coffee, friends, grammar, hands, hearts, highlighters, holding hands, house, hugs, ice cream, individuality, internet, j@zz, jack skellington, japanese, jellybeans, jewelry, johnny depp, katanas, katie's pickles, kisses, klkjjdlc, korn, kurt cobain, laughing, lemons, life, living, love, making people smile, markers, metallica, meteor showers, most people, motorcycles, movies, music, my dog, my mommy, my pickles, nail polish, nature, nin, ninjas, nirvana, no doubt, offspring, pajamas, pance, paper fans, photography, pickles, pillows, poetry, pop-rocks, potato chips, probably you, ps2, questions, randomness, rating communities, red hot chili peppers, rings, rock music, rolling stones, roses, sarcasm, singing, skateboards, sleeping in, spikes, sporks, stars, sun-showers, sunlight, the cheat, the cranberries., the lion king, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, thrice, thursday, tim burton, tool, touching, turtles, twinkies, unmade beds, vans, video games, waterfalls, white rice, yeah yeah yeahs, zombie